Trackpad, You Suck

Hi all,

So over the past month or so I’ve been having some pretty xtreme issues with my 2011 Apple Macbook Air 13” and to put it lightly, they could have been a real deal breaker if I hadn’t backed my data up. Basically it started with my laptop intermittently freezing. Now these freezes weren’t the easiest kind to diagnose because their timings were inconsistent/I couldn’t trigger the lockup through a series of repeatable actions. Basically the only way out of these things was to do a hard reset (I tried waiting out the pinwheel of death, iLost). Finally, after about three months of inconsistent lockups the SSD progressed to complete NAND/SSD controller failure.

Because I’m the genius that I am, I had everything backed up to a TimeMachine on my RAID 1 NAS so I didn’t lose any data but it did bring my productivity to a grinding halt for the rest of the day. I ended up spending the next six or so hours waiting for TimeMachine to restore the latest backup to the original SSD. Once that was done, I had my wheels back. OR SO I THOUGHT dun dun dun

About a week later I started having some very odd trackpad issues (f*** me, right?). The trackpad would emote from time to time and click-n-drag all the things or assume I was dragging my knuckles all over it in an attempt to click the proper tab on my web browser. Well, it got to the point where I had had enough and decided to take destiny by the reins (whoa)

First, I placed an order with iFixit

Second, I printed this guide.

Third, I disassembled my laptop:

Voilà! and that completes my trackpad superfuntime.gif replacement experience. Honestly I was expecting it to be much worse given the recent reviews about how Macbooks are becoming incredibly difficult to repair. However, compared to my Acer Ferrari 4000, this was painless.